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Sofi Viarengo

Head Coach

WOW! How lucky are we?!

Sofi Viarengo joins the Top Wright Coaching team for the 2023 season. Sofi brings a huge amount of coaching experience to the team as well as a South American perspective to the game.

Sofi grew up in Argentina, among other sports, hockey has been her main passion throughout her life, she has been able to foster a lifestyle travelling the world playing the sport she loves. Sofi played for a season in Tasmania, as well as seasons in Germany, Belgium & most recently England. Sofi joins the Top Wright Coaching team as well as an International import for Reds Hockey Club women’s Premier League team.

Sofi is currently studying to complete her FIH level.3 coaching award and is always keen to talk hockey! You will see Sofi around our camps and academies as well as a 1:1 coach throughout the year.

If you are interested to sign up for a lesson with Sofi then please get in touch!

Sofi Viarengo
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